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Content Guidelines

Primarily we ask our users to post accurate, useful information about classes and clubs they provide, and objective, polite feedback in reviews.

The following are specific guidelines to follow if in doubt:

Be respectful – no threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, and other displays of bigotry.

No cheating – don’t write reviews of your own business, or your friends’ and relatives’ businesses. Avoid posting reviews on competitor listings. If you ask a customer or third party to post a review on the site, you may no offer them compensation – financial or otherwise.

Keep it relevant – avoid posting listings with information other than that related to the class or club you are listing, for example about another business you run.

Privacy – don’t post photos without getting permission from the parents of the children featured in them or from adults featured in them. Don’t post people’s names without their permission.

Intellectual property – use your own photos, videos and content. If you need photos to feature on your site, we can help. Just email us at

Demanding payment or refunds – don’t use the reviews to demand refunds or payments of any kind. This type of communication should be made directly with the listing owner.